Villa Magdalena


The history

The traditions of lodging in the Szaflarscy family date back to 1972 when Zofia and Michał Kipta moved here from Czarny Dunajec and started to accommodate guests in a private house, which is still here, on the same plot. Willa Magdalena is located on area, where an impressive orchard with apples, cherries, currants and raspberries once stood. After several years of break during 1995-2003, the family moved its activities to a newly built house, where the Willa was eventually constructed in 2002. Name of the place comes from the first name of the owner's daughter.

The building has been constructed on massive stone foundations, and the rest of the house was made entirely of wood in the style of the Podhale region by the owner himself - carpenter Tadeusz Szaflarski. Due to such a construction, the rooms are cosy and very warm. Carved furniture and balconies refer to the local folklore and beautifully decorate the house. They’d been made by Józef Bukowski, a sculptor from Zakopane, who has also created the papal altar for the sanctuary in Krzeptówki district.

The second building was made of brick and it is decorated traditionally. The houses are located one by another, on the same premises at Brzozowskiego Street. Convenience of commuting by Droga do Olczy Street makes it possible to avoid the city centre. Indoor swimming pool and tennis court are located nearby. Location of the Willa provides opportunities to hit mountain routes in summer, while the Nosal ski slope is accessible in 5 minutes on foot in winter. Don't forget that the road to Kuźnice district (and to the aerial tramway to Kasprowy Wierch) takes only 20 minutes. The city centre is accessible in 25 minutes, the road passes near ski jumps, which are a great attraction of this part of Zakopane. Riding school is accessible in 10 minutes on foot. "Willa Magdalena" is located far away from the main street, and the vicinity of forest encourages to commune with nature.

On the area of fenced in premises guests can take advantage of a car park and a place where bonfires and barbecues can be lit in an elegant sun lounge. There is also a room for children, where they can entertain with their parents.

The Willa is administered by its owners, which guarantees a warm family atmosphere appreciated by our guests.