Rooms Zakopane

Rooms: for two, three or four; and a luxury apartment

Feel invited to spend unforgettable moments in the vicinity of the Tatra Mountains!

Room equipment
  • Bathroom, in wooden suite additionally equipped with heated floor
  • Flat TV set
  • Free wireless internet.
  • Wireless electric kettle.
  • The apartment additionally has a fridge and a microwave

  • Price for bed without meals from 50 PLN per person per night.
  • Prices depend on time of visit and length of stay.
  • One-day stay in our facility is counted 30% more expensive.
  • Additional bed - 50% extra.
  • Free accommodation for young children (up to 3 years old).
  • Children up to 10 years old - 20% less.
  • Mandatory lodging tax 2 PLN per person per night (city tax);
  • We issue invoices.


The hotel day from 02:00PM to 10:00AM the next day. Accommodation and breakfast. Spacious living room with a TV set is a perfect place to spend time with friends. Bonfire and barbecue available.


Our offer is primarily targeted at families with children as well as individual guests. Our hotel is quiet, ideal for rest and entertainment in the neighbourhood of nature.

Rules and regulations

We hope that the below rules and regulations would help to provide our guests with satisfaction and pleasure of holidays, and at the same time would ensure efficiency of organization.

  1. The hotel day starts on 02:00PM and finished on 10:00AM the next day;
  2. Accommodation fee is charged in advance, on the day of arrival;
  3. Booking is considered confirmed when a down payment is made;
  4. Our guests are subject to compulsory registration on the basis of an ID card, passport or driving licence (school IDs for children). Guests are asked to make payments in advance for the whole stay or guarantee to make such a payment during stay;
  5. We charge 50 PLN for losing a key;
  6. We provide services according to own standards and categories;
  7. A guest should inform our staff or the owner about any damage immediately after it was discovered. Guests are financially responsible for any damage, which arises from activities of the guest or people invited by them;
  8. We provide;
    • conditions for unhindered rest;
    • safety and security of stay, including full confidentiality;
    • room service and necessary minor repairs on demand;
    • professional and polite service;
  9. Guests who are not booked in the hotel can stay in our rooms from 07:00AM to 10:00PM. After 10:00PM we would charge them a regular fee.
  10. Quiet hours apply from 10:00PM to 06:00AM;
  11. We do not accept pets.
  12. On account of fire safety it is prohibited to use immersion heaters, electric irons and similar devices, which are not a part of furnishings;
  13. Smoking cigarettes is not allowed on the whole area of the Willa (except for balconies), and each room is equipped with smoke sensors that launch alarm system;
  14. We have the right to refuse a guest if he or she happen to grossly infringe this rules and regulation during previous visit or inflicted damage to property of the Willa or the property of our guests.